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Business Design Centre aims to reach net zero by 2030

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The Business Design Centre (BDC) has today released its roadmap to net zero and aims to achieve the target before 2030. The London venue has been a certified Carbon Neutral venue since 2010, working with Climate Impact Partners to measure and offset their emissions, but this latest news will see the business take the steps needed in the next few years to reach net zero.

BDC has been working with the carbon consultants at ecollective to measure the footprint of the business and to support them in planning their route to net zero carbon. The findings of this initial phase have shown a 66.7% reduction has already taken place, with the total footprint of the business reducing from 1,077,378kg CO2 in 2018/19 down to 358,496kg in 2021/22.

Charlie Cotton, founder at ecollective said: “The BDC clearly has been working on driving its carbon footprint down for a while. They have made great progress (their figures are very impressive) but the focus now is on the remaining carbon footprint. They have clear next steps to complete in the next few years and we are excited to follow and support them on their decarbonisation journey.”

Changes made to date include making the switch to renewable electricity, continuing to ensure that nothing is sent to landfill whilst improving waste recycling and composting as well as a host of energy efficiency measures.

In order to reach the target set, the BDC will need to make infrastructure changes in order to switch fuel usage that contributes to its Scope 1 emissions as well as supporting those who operate from the conference and exhibition centre on their own activities.

BDC chief executive, Dominic Jones said: “It’s been a long journey since we first became carbon neutral in 2010 and we have made some incredible strides in reducing our footprint since then. Now is the time to make the necessary changes in aiming for Net-Zero and to do so as soon as possible. We have been working closely with the team at ecollective who have really streamlined this process for us and we now have the tools to take the next steps to meet this target. We will also be working more closely with those who use the venue to bring them along on this journey, as well as collaborating transparently with the industries we operate within. This isn’t a challenge to be tackled alone and we are going to need to come together, sharing knowledge and adapting to evolving best practice in order to make impactful change.”

Find out more about the BDC’s journey so far.


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