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5 June 2019 is Global Exhibitions Day

by Stuart Wood

The fourth edition of Global Exhibitions Day is to be held on 5 June 2019, celebrating events and exhibitions around the world.

The campaign is spearheaded by UFI, the global association of the exhibitions industry.  GED19 is promoting the message that exhibitions are a large, effective and sustainable industry, and that they can offer a variety of job opportunities.

UFI will provide global and regional data related to the economic impact of exhibitions, highlighting the important contribution of exhibitions in terms of total output, contribution to GDP and jobs.

UFI is also asking best practices to report on their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

UFI President Craig Newman says: “This is the 4th Global Exhibitions Day campaign, and it is our industry’s BIG day! Let us build on the success of the past three editions.

“I am sure that GED19 will send a strong signal to all policymakers and stakeholders of our industry on the power of exhibitions – for business as well as for people. And let’s not forget to also celebrate our wonderfully fascinating, great, diverse global industry.”

For those wanting to get involved in GED19, UFI suggests you can:

  • Visit www.globalexhibitionsday.org for the latest news and updates and to use the GED19 promotional toolkit (logos, visuals etc.)
  • Activate your peers and colleagues, tell your bosses, and think big
  • Plan an initiative that you feel best showcases the exhibition industry and/or your career in it. This can be a “Follow-me” video, a conference, a run… Or tell UFI about your career in the exhibition industry so we can create your Voices of the Exhibition Industry message. All videos relevant to GED19 will be added to the Global Exhibitions Day playlist at www.ufi.tv
  • Share/ record/ take photos of all initiatives and on social media, and upload them to the GED Online Reporting Tool. The top 5 initiatives in the Tool will be selected for the Exhibition World/ UFI GED Awards
  • Follow GED19 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) and use it to motivate your colleagues and friends to get involved

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