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Work hard, play hard

by Nicola Macdonald

Ben Turner, director at WONDER London, on pushing the boundaries for Google for Education’s stand at Bett.

Tell us about the feature

WONDER London has been working in collaboration with the Google for Education team on its British Educational Training and Technology (Bett) exhibition stand for the last six years. Each year we push the boundaries to create a new and exciting space that continues to draw in new customers, whilst helping retain existing ones.

This year we took a creative route inspired by a Willy Wonka-style ‘ideas factory’, which delivered a playful, curious and imaginative space for attendees to explore the world of Google for Education. The design had an industrial feel with cogs, conveyor belts and fans. Whilst the strong colour palette of the Google brand brought out a more playful side.

The feature incorporated a huge variety of content ranging from: the hands-on teaching area with live Classroom sessions being hosted throughout the day; the teaching theatre featuring talks from Googlers, teachers and students; product demos showcasing Google for Education partner software on Chrome devices and two on stand meeting rooms for more private conversations.

Why was it made?

Bett is the largest education technology show of its kind in Europe, providing a major opportunity for Google to communicate its ideas, services and collaborations to a targeted audience. The stand was made to appeal to the variety of attendees, comprised of teachers, IT decision makers and children.

Tell us about the process of creating it?

The stand was the same size as the previous year and had to deliver a lot of different content from the Google for Education ecosystem. There is always a lot of trust from the client in our creative ability to meet their objectives in an exciting and innovative way. Last year we were able to really let our imagination run wild when it came to the design.

We wanted the stand to completely reflect the playfulness of the Google brand, so we included wacky science equipment and highly engaging elements to entice passers-by to the stand. The client encouraged us to push the creative even further this year, striking upon the Willy Wonka Factory concept, which captured the theme of imagination, wonder and limitless possibility.

A key part of the brief this year was to champion the collaboration between Google and their partners, positioning them as an integral part of the Google for Education sphere. To showcase this, we connected each partner demo area with the overhead pulley system that ran through the centre of the stand, highlighting their connectivity.

Why do you consider it special?

Even by Google standards, an incredibly fun and playful brand, Google for Education adds a whole new level to the creative with its focus on children and the learning environment. This resulted in a particularly fun and exciting creative response to the brief, considering throughout the audience and their experience.

Bett itself is a special project to WONDER as it is one of the first jobs we worked on as an agency. Having grown with the client, we have managed to exceed results and creativity each year, helping to position Google for Education at the heart of educational technology.

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