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What sort of people go to exhibitions? Is there a type? I believe there is

by Saul Leese

This week I went to Euroshop in sunny Dusseldorf! It was a monster effort involving trains, planes and automobiles: leaving home at 4am on Monday morning, and returning circa midnight Tuesday.

For those that haven’t been, this is a colossal show, stretching over 17 halls and I ‘did’ all of them! In two very solid days.

The show runs every three years and manages to charge its visitors 65 euros per day to attend, or 100 euros for two days. Yes! That’s right, the buyers pay to get in!

I hadn’t pre-paid so there was still time to duck out without consequence. Hotels were full to capacity, so I had to search for accommodation; among a myriad reasons for me not to bother going, not least the fact that I’ve my own big events: Confex, EPS and PA Show starting next week. And, if you work in exhibitions, you’ll know it’s a manic time.

I went because visiting events is in my DNA, and that’s why, despite all the odds, some people will definitely be at our events next week, and for others, it only takes a feather in the breeze to stop them coming.

So, what do attendees look like?

I like to believe we are the go getters, the pioneers, the boundary breakers. People who go to events find them valuable because they see opportunity clearly than their more conservative counterparts.

They are the ideas people, the creators.

I’ve returned from Euroshop with a notepad full of ideas and a mind brimming with ways for me to improve my own events and my business in general. It’s not that the event was particularly dynamic, but there are always nuggets that you haven’t seen before or different perspectives. It’s inspiring… but only if you get it.

Exhibition visitors get it; they never know it all, the reverse in fact… their attitude is very much ‘teach me something; show me something new and I will always create time to learn…I can always do better’. It’s a refreshing attitude.

There’s a little expression that sits on my desk on a calendar that says: ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person’. That’s the irony; it’s the busiest people that go to events because they’re the most capable.

No matter what they’ve got on, the people that really change our industry will always go to an event and are always rewarded with something that gives them the edge.

I’ve come back with two things from Euroshop that simply wouldn’t have been on my agenda had I not gone. I also progressed a project significantly with a chance meeting; there’s always at least one of those at any major event.

The Power of Events.

I look forward to seeing all you like minded effervescent game changers next week at ExCeL… and I promise you there are 12 things I’ve counted that I’m genuinely excited to see and I know I’ll find another 12!

Words by Mash Media, MD, Julian Agostini

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