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VisitScotland offers support to event industry

by Olivia Powell

In an email released today, 20 March, head of business events at VisitScotland, Neil Brownlee, offered support on behalf of his team to those in the event industry.

Brownlee said: “I want you to know that myself and the entire VisitScotland Business Events team are here for you.

“The most important thing right now for our industry and community, is to continue to listen to the professional advice and guidance that is coming out daily, and to stay safe and healthy.

“Over the coming weeks we will strive to provide relevant updates, as they become known and available. In addition, we remain engaged and connected with both the Scottish and wider Westminster governments via VisitScotland, along with key industry partners and stakeholders, again to ensure we provide you with the best possible information and support as quickly as possible.

“We are already beginning to work with the team at VisitScotland and key agency partners on what we hope will be a rapid plan for recovery over the next few months. Our primary objective is to have all of you back up and running, and doing what you all do best, as quickly as possible.

“Thank you for everything you continue to do for Scotland, and again please know that we are here for you whenever you need us.

“Stay safe. Stay informed.We stand with you.”

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