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Travelodge pops up with temporary hotel solution

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Budget hotel chain, Travelodge, is set to erect 20 temporary ‘pop up’ hotels as Britain sees tourists take advantage of the current weak pound.

Travelodge is targeting a 10 per cent share of the total UK hotel market by the end of 2020, with events like the 2012 Olympics providing further impetus to the project.

“We see these temporary structures as a viable way for us to achieve our ambitious growth targets,” says Travelodge’s director of property and development, Paul Harvey. “We believe that almost half of our new hotels over the next 12 years will be built this way.”

Travelodge predict its strategy of building these pop ups, which use modified shipping containers built specifically in China, will cut 10 per cent from the cost of each build and improve construction speed by 25 per cent.

“The temporary hotels are also environmentally friendly, as the steel containers can be re-used or melted down for recycling purposes,” adds Harvey.

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