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Tobacco Dock launches hybrid event packages

by Olivia Powell

London venue Tobacco Dock has announced the launch of a new hybrid event which will allow for attendees in both a live and online capacity.

Called ‘Live from Tobacco Dock‘, the venue allows for multiple studio spaces, green rooms and catering areas, allowing it to host distanced groups of live attendees, while a broadcast crew allows for the events to be streamed to online attendees.

The venue’s commercial director, Jonathan Read, said: “As well as having 57 event spaces to choose from, we’ve 5 separate entrances, meaning visitors can safely enter and exit the venue with no need to congregate. Our ample outdoor space and wide walkways mean that one-way systems can easily be put in place and behavioural signage can keep attendees mindful of social distancing. We even have a 500+ space car park opposite (just outside the congestion and emissions zones), so guests can drive right to the doorstep.

“Anyone who’s taken part in a webinar over the past few months will know that there’s no substitute for face-to-face events and nothing can mimic the energy and atmosphere you get from a live audience.

“We are excited to launch an alternative which will allow our clients to stage events which are just as compelling and innovative as live, helping them to keep their attendees safe and engaged while reaching and inspiring as wide an audience as they had hoped.”

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