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Six days until Global Exhibition Day 2022

by Oliver Thomas

There are only six more days until the Global Exhibitions Day (GED 2022), 1 June, and the industry is gearing up for the celebrations. The occasion will mark the seventh edition of the GED, organised by UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry.

GED 2022 will focus on these main themes:

  • Celebrating the role of exhibitions in accelerating the pace of economic recovery
  • Enabling the community to see each other again and to meet new people
  • As Covid-19 restrictions end, the industry anticipates a strong and quick recovery
  • Everyone associated with the global exhibition industry is encouraged to recognise the day.

The 2022 GED campaign highlights the value of physical exhibitions and face-to-face business events in creating platforms for economic growth and recovery, as well as being the occasion to network and meet new people.

All businesses and professionals in the sector are encouraged to join the GED celebrations on by highlighting the impact of exhibitions on local economies – both in building businesses and connecting people from around the world.

UFI has created these points to help share how you could celebrate the day:

  • Regularly visit www.globalexhibitionsday.org for updates and developments
  • Join a local GED2022 initiative or be inspired to set up your own
  • Follow #GED2022 on social media via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WeChat and LinkedIn
  • Share photos of you and your colleagues with the GED logo (Please click this link.)
  • Share stories from your exhibition, a product launch, a notable person who attended your show, a quote from an exhibitor, or ROI statistics
  • Create your own ‘voices of the exhibition industry’ card and share your thoughts on the future of the industry
  • Ask your government officials for endorsement and recognition of the exhibition industry
  • Come up with your own idea and celebrate in your own way.

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