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SEC explores the media surrounding the venue

by Saul Leese

In the second phase of their “It’s Not Just Us” campaign, the Scottish Event Campus explores the media landscape that surrounds the venue. Just across the river from the venue, you’ll find the headquarters of BBC Scotland and STV – two national media outlets, who are actively engaged in events at the SEC. Reach Plc, one of the UK’s biggest publishers of newspapers is a short walk from the campus, too.

The close relationships that the SEC has with these and other outlets, including Capital FM radio station, means that organisers can benefit from extensive local media knowledge and support. This can help bring an event to life – targeted advertising campaigns, audience research and insights and ticket promotions are all ways in which organisers have taken advantage of the SEC’s connections.

The Glasgow audience loves events, and reaching them through the SEC’s media connections is easy. It’s not just us, it’s all of us.

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