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Reaching new heights

by Nicola Macdonald

Arena Group on bringing an innovative product to life on some tricky terrain.


The product

The award-winning Arena Super Deck is a tried and tested, highly versatile modular product. It is designed to deliver the most practical, sustainable and cost-effective semi-permanent solutions for a client’s infrastructure and architectural requirements, while creating absolutely no waste or environmental damage pre, during or post project.

Our in-house design and technical teams work with our clients to create an entirely unique concept or will support their design team in delivering their structural vision.

The challenge

The enquiry for the temporary construction of the RAK World record-breaking zipline project welcome centre came in on a Sunday night, and was confirmed the following Wednesday evening.

Construction began two days later, with the design being finalised during the build process. The client gave us a challenging two and a half weeks to complete the project – a tall order given the high quality of interior fit-out that was required. As the structure was to be required for a minimum of three months, the interior and bathroom fit-outs were designed to be permanent.

The client also required that the structure be located at the top of the United Arab Emirate’s highest mountain, the 1,934m-high Jebal Jais.

This posed another challenge as the road leading to the site was extremely difficult to navigate, particularly for trucks and cranes. This made sourcing suppliers who were willing and able to make the journey to the site difficult at such short notice.

At the end of the process we delivered a temporary structure that had been designed to serve a semi-permanent purpose, capable of withstanding the hard weather conditions at the top of the mountain.

The extreme remote location of this project posed by far the largest challenge to us as a structure supplier and required careful coordination between all parties involved.

The Welcome Centre will be in use for at least three months, or until the construction of the permanent structure is completed. The concept for the structure was to supply a temporary building which was capable of being permanent.
Securing suppliers who were willing and able to assist us with this project proved to be initially challenging, as the site is somewhat of a logistical nightmare!

Several crane suppliers immediately rejected the job, refusing to even supply quotes. When we finally secured a supplier willing to take the job, they took a total of five hours to climb the mountain.

Additionally, our own logistics had to be carefully assessed and coordinated, for example our trucks could only be loaded to half of their capacity to ensure they could safely make the journey.

The flexible, modular design of the ASD not only makes it the ideal choice for a diverse range of applications and designs; it is also the ideal for a wide range of terrains.

The adjustable legs of the sub-frame perfectly accommodate uneven ground, and the levelling base plate can be adjusted to create perfectly level platforms on slopes of up to 20 per cent, without the need for permanent foundations.

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