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Mash Community free forum supports industry debates and sharing ideas

by Saul Leese

Mash Community, a free forum launched by parent company of EN just a few weeks ago, is becoming a valuable resource for event industry professionals to seek advice, share ideas and participate in key debates.

Popular industry feeds include; Tips from working from home?, Wellbeing and mental health advice, How is Covid-19 affecting your business? and Are you eligible for government loans?

In all, there are 13 feeds covering a myriad of topics that help stimulate debate and share ideas. Every editor from across Mash Media’s magazines (EN, Conference News, Access All Areas, Conference and Meetings World and Exhibition Word) are all chipping into the conversations.

To join the Mash Community click here, register and join the conversation.

Here’s some highlights on Mash Community:

“Human interaction is more important than ever as we physical distance, it doesn’t mean we need to social distance at all. Connecting with customers to check in on them and find out how they are, rather than to sell something, is a great way of strengthening and building rapport, and they’ll remember you more for it.” Join the conversation here.

“I have a three year old (nearly four) and we have had to build a day schedule that involves my husband working during the day, and then me working late afternoon/evening and us swap/sharing the parenting and home pre-schooling bits.” Join the conversation here.

“I find making a list of things to do tomorrow just before I finish each day helps to add to the sense of daily structure.  I can start with a focused task rather than looking to see what emails came in overnight to direct my day.   A list of 5 work tasks plus 5 home jobs in addition to the  daily structure suggestions above help to add a sense of achievement each day.” Join the conversation here.

“We’re using this time to schedule some extensive website development work in order to expand upon our existing service’s offering, and also working on valuable partnerships which will put us in a strong position when we come out the other side of COVID-19.” Join the conversation here.


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