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JET Forms announce integration with Google Analytics and Stripe

by Olivia Powell

This new development was built over summer 2019 and is the result of demand from event organisers wanting to receive more information about the forms for their events submitted through Jonas Event Technology.

JET provided event registration for trade exhibitions, and have recently combined their event registration forms with Google Analytics and the payment platform Stripe.

The integration of Google Analytics into their forms will allow event organisers to see how many views their forms are getting, and track these views as soon as the forms are uploaded by JET.

JET Forms also offer an interface for end-users to make payments, which they updated along with their registration forms. The interface is now able to take payments using either JET’s or the event organiser’s Stripe account. This enables users to pay for their events in any approved currency, and fits with JET’s other payment gateway options including SagePay and WorldPay. This means JET can take secure payment on the customer’s behalf, or link to their account of their preferred payment gateway.

Find out more at: https://jonas.events 

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