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Isla launches event carbon measurement platform

by Joe Gallop

Event sustainability body Isla has launched its carbon measurement platform, Trace, which captures emission and waste data from live, hybrid and digital events.

After two years of development, Trace will generate reports in real-time and allow event planners to measure and reduce carbon emissions across a range of factors.

The platform will provide details on emissions from venue energy, travel and accommodation, production and graphics materials, food and beverage emissions, transport logistics and waste and recycling.

Isla co-founder Ben Quarrell (pictured) told EN that the organisation will onboard 100 companies across April, May and June before opening Trace for wider release in July.

Among Isla’s 150 members, early adopters of Trace include Momentum Worldwide, SAP, The Creative Engagement Group, ITV, Amplify, Smyle, IMEX, Birmingham Ceremonies Ltd, EMC3, Goose Live, XYZ, TBA, Top Banana and The Live Group.

(L-R) Ellie Ashton-Melia, Ieva Tarutyte, Anna Abdelnoor, Toni Griggs

Quarrell said: “We’re put a lot of time and effort into making sure we get the best support and onboarding process, which is why we’re soft-launching across the next three months, so we can scale in time rather than trying to extend to much and not give people the support they need on their measurement journeys.”

He added: “It’s a tough balance between usability and accuracy – to get a measurement tool that will allow people to have real oversight of their footprint that isn’t so overwhelming and takes too long to measure – so we’ve tried to get that balance right.

“There’s going to be much more development to come. Now we’ve got the first 100 companies across the next three months, we can really learn from people’s feedback and build from there.”

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