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Inside PetPlace’s £1.3m cinema for dogs

by Stuart Wood

PetPlace, a hub for dog owners in Abergele, North Wales, has opened a 4,000sqft cinema complex for humans and their pets.

The cinema is part of a £1.3m renovation, which also included modernising the look of PetPlace, and offering more pet supplies on sale.

Suppliers QuantumAV helped set up the cinema projector using an Epson EH-LS100.

PetPlace says the cinema represents a move away from traditional retail propositions and into experiential shopping, where the health and happiness of the animals is number one priority.

Sion Pritchard, Managing Director said at the time: “We looked at several options for the space before deciding to do something unique, something no other pet store in the UK has done before.

“Cinemas and theatres have allowed dog owners in to watch movies for one-off events, but this is different. It is a facility designed for dogs and their owners all-year round.”

“PetPlace provides a community hub where pet parents can come in to socialise their dogs and spend quality time together.

“Using an Epson projector, the store streams pet-related films, including titles such as The Secret Life of Pets and Beethoven, for dogs and humans alike.

“With 40 deckchairs for pet owners and dog beds for up to 50 canines, dog-lovers can enjoy an evening with their best friend in a relaxed and immersive environment.”

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