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Informa’s KNect365 partners with BrightTALK

by Nicola Macdonald

BrightTALK, a technology media company that provides professional webinar and video solutions to a variety of industries, has announced a new global partnership with Informa’s KNect365.

KNect365 plans to leverage BrightTALK’s technology and online presence to further extend its in-person events business into digital forums. BrightTALK has an online community of seven million professionals and hosts more than 75,000 talks by trusted experts, as well as more than 200 online business summits, every year.

KNect365 brings professionals together to learn, establish relationships, and do
business by operating 1000 in-person conferences annually, supported by digital
content platforms. Using BrightTALK will allow KNect365 to extend the reach of
these events to the millions of professionals already using the BrightTALK platform.

Together, BrightTALK and KNect365 will expand the opportunities for professionals, speakers, and sponsors to connect and further their careers both in-person and online.

“Partnering with Informa’s KNect365 allows us to accelerate the opportunities for our professional communities,” said Paul Heald, BrightTALK’s CEO. “The ability to connect in-person and online audiences simultaneously, while leveraging the reach of both companies, will provide enormous benefits to our customers.”

KNect365 will use BrightTALK’s real-time insights on content trends and its machine learning-driven knowledge assistant Ada, to engage and connect with more
audiences online.

“As the pace of change across all industries increases, this partnership ensures that professionals benefit from the latest insights and advances in their industry, whether they are learning online or in-person,” said Andrew Mullins, CEO of KNect365. “Partnering with BrightTALK will set us apart by allowing us to tailor and distribute events that directly address the topics that interest our audiences most.”

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