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IET Venues releases 2019 data

by Olivia Powell

IET Venues has released its 2019 data for its two UK venues, IET London: Savoy Place and IET Birmingham: Austin Court.  

Throughout 2019, a total of 113,000 delegates passed through the two venues’ doors to attend a combined 3,550 events; IET London: Savoy Palace experiencing a 70 per cent repeat in external clients.

The venues saw a range of delegates from hackers and robots to global ambassadors and world leaders, including the prime minister and a princess.

IET Venues also recieved significant financial investments to the AV and digital infrastructure at both sites.

IET Birmingham: Austin Court underwent over £450K of redevelopments, increasing the technology offering and transforming the Kingston Theatre into a live event space; while IET London: Savoy Place’s Riverside Room received more than £280K investments to its AV.

Both venues saw new and returning clients, particularly for tech and digital events, rising by 30 per cent at IET London: Savoy Place, whilst 60 new clients arrived in Birmingham at Austin Court, including the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Head of venues and facilities at IET Venues, Sean Spencer, said: “Every year we strive to better the last, and I’m pleased that Savoy Place and Austin Court have strengthened their position as leading STEM venues.

“It is a competitive field and since the beginning of the decade we have gone through a massive transformation, including rebuilding Savoy Place into a global tech hub. Austin Court is now one of Birmingham’s premier live event venues and I’m pleased to say we have set a standard that’ll put us in a stronger position going into a new decade.

“Financial and people investment means clients can rest assured that whatever sector they are from, they can take advantage of our state-of-the-art infrastructure. As we head into 2020, we’ll also begin the celebrations for the IET’s 150th anniversary in 2021.”

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