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Ideal deal with ITV

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EN editor Saul Leese takes a look at the latest live event deal between Media 10 (Ideal Home Show) and ITV.

Media 10 has taken its Live TV marketing to another level announcing an exclusive, three-year deal with ITV.

The company has a strong existing  relationship with the broadcaster having worked on a number of live events including; This Morning Live, Loose Women Late and Love Island Live. Now Media 10 has done a deal, which couldn’t happen at a better time for Ideal Home Show (IHS).

IHS, Britain’s biggest B2C event, has been going for 110 years and Media 10 acquired the event 10 years ago. The event’s first major deal was building and showcasing full-sized houses deigned by Prince Charles, a collaboration that would eventually lead to the company hosting The Queen’s Coronation Festival in her back garden at Buckingham Palace. 

The deal with ITV will add renewed vigour to the IHS brand, but this wasn’t the first time the company went banging at ITV’s door. Media 10 MD Lee Newton said: “When we first acquired the event, we went straight to ITV and suggested that the Ideal Home Show brand and content is very much aligned with the content that we see across many ITV shows.  They agreed but they were not in the right place to take advantage of this, however over that period we have worked with ITV on a number of different projects (This Morning Live, Love Island etc) and found that we both share the same passion for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by entertaining, educating and informing our much loved visitors and viewers.  We both feel there is a natural fit and that allows us to cross into each other’s medium.”

Why ITV chose Media 10

ITV controller of Live James Penfold recognises the opportunities of extending his brands physically reach their audience. He said: “We have a long standing relationship with Media 10, having delivered multiple collaborations over the last few years including This Morning Live, Loose Women Late and Love Island Live; there’s a natural fit and together we’ve leveraged our strengths and been able to curate and execute a series of hugely successful events. There was never a question over if there’d be another partnership, it was just a case of when. The media partnership deal with Ideal Home Show now opens up new opportunities for brand activation and fresh, engaging content opportunities for our collective and aligned audiences to consume during the 18-day run.”

Media 10 are past masters of turning TV brands into events. Grand Designs Live is an excellent example of this with the brand in London, Birmingham and cloned internationally for South Africa and Australia. More recently the company has boldly gone where no event business has dared go before producing a series of international Star Trek events. Their most recent deal saw them going after Gen Z and Millennials with a Love Island deal. 

Newton adds: “Love Island Live was very much a response to the amazingly successful TV programme and its uniquely dedicated fan base, it was obvious to both us and ITV that fans that religiously watched the TV show would appreciate a live extension to that, immediately after the programme celebrities touched down in the UK.  However, this event is very different to our partnership between ITV and the Ideal Home Show as it was a typical ‘Fan-Fest’ allowing the TV viewer to meet their much loved reality TV stars in the flesh, which has very different mechanisms to the long-running Ideal Home Show.” 

Penfold explains that ITV is hellbent on developing live events. He adds: “The idea to breathe life beyond what you see on the screen is not a new phenomenon for us. Over the last decade we’ve built a portfolio of trail-blazing live experiences and events (Coronation Street The Tour, Emmerdale Village Tour, ITV Daytime Studios Tour, Ninja Warrior Adventure Parks, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on Tour to name but a few); some of which we meticulously select complementary partners for, some we operate and run in-house from our ever-growing brand extension team.” 

Media 10 are notorious for delivering exceptional events, so it was a no-brainer to team up on a series of ITV big brand consumer events a number of years back. Live brand experiences have just become ingrained in what we do at ITV and all now feeds in to our ‘More Than TV’ strategy.”

How does the deal work?

ITV will run a series of adverts airing exclusively on ITV backed up by an extensive social media campaign. The broadcaster will also have a space at the show to promote competitions and an interactive and talent hub promoting their ITV Tours business. Media 10 will host a number of the ITV celebrities, running celebrity-based restaurants, workshops, catwalk shows, educational and advice programmes, wine tasting, food tasting, garden and DIY advice, as well potentially recreate some of the famous ITV shows. Plus, they will be recreating some fantastic photo opportunities of famous TV show sets and experiences.

This article recently featured in the December issue of Exhibition News Magazine. For more content like this, click here.

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