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Government confirms venue site visits are permitted

by Olivia Powell

The government has confirmed that venue site inspection visits will be permitted from 29 March.

This announcement follows earlier confusion as reported last week.

Simon Hughes, chair of the BVEP, said: “This is another positive step forward for the reopening of the events sector, and follows some extensive lobbying by the BVEP to Government on behalf of our partner organisations, many of which have been desperate for clarity on this issue. Being able to conduct site visits in just a couple of weeks will now enable marketing activity to fully recommence and for the industry to begin to rebuild its pipeline of business.”

Jane Longhurst, chief executive of the mia, added: “The Meetings Industry Association has just received confirmation from DCMS that after 29 March, visiting a business event venue for a site visit for a future booking for a work based event will be permitted, if this cannot be carried out remotely.

“These site visits can take place even if the venue is otherwise closed. Site visits where there is not a permitted exemption for work purposes or otherwise for instance leisure, should not be taking place in closed venues at this time.

“Whilst we are still waiting for further clarification on when viewings for non-work related events can take place, this is a positive step in the right direction for the reopening of the sector.”

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