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Flume Sales Training launches ‘Accelerator Sessions’ webinars

by Stuart Wood

Flume Sales Training is launching a new webinar series aimed at helping B2B salespeople, called the ‘Sales Accelerator Sessions’.

The free-to-attend sessions are designed to equip salespeople with new skills, rebuild confidence and ensure they are working with clients in the right way.

The first session will be at 2pm on 30 September. You can join at this link.

A statement from Flume Sales Training said: “When this crisis started, Flume Sales Training committed to helping salespeople and leaders navigate their way through the difficult months ahead. Over the last five months we have delivered eight unique webinars and helped over 5,000 event sales professionals from all around the world adapt to this new environment.

“We’ve also conducted significant research into changing buyer and seller behaviour to work out what is and isn’t working in B2B sales right now. Then we took all that we learnt and created a brand-new sales excellence benchmark. Now it’s time to really get sales back up-to-speed.” ​

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