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MET Studio’s projects for Singapore, and Dubai’s Expo 2020, showcase the rewards of putting content at a premium.

Global experiential designers MET Studio’s ‘From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience’, combines story-telling and multisensory flourishes to explore the possibilities of the exhibition medium. They demonstrate that big budgets also mean big impact. 

Running until January 2020, the exhibition, created by MET Studio as lead design agency in close partnership with the Singapore Bicentennial Office, takes visitors on a 45-minute, multi-sensual journey charting Singapore’s evolution through the ages.  

MET Studio are designers and storytellers with work that includes Hong Kong’s Iconic wetland park, immersive and interactive brand experiences for the likes of Samsung and Manchester United and world-leading museum galleries for clients such as the Chicago Field Museum, Hong Kong Science museum, Amsterdam’s Het Scheepvaartmuseum and the RAF Museum London.

MET Studio are also currently working on Expo 2020’s ambitious Mobility Pavilion with Foster+Partners and Weta Workshop, creating a multi-sensory and immersive ‘redefining’ of human mobility.

The visitor experience is at the core of MET’s work. From Singapore to Singaporean is set within an original colonial building in central Singapore, with MET Studio employing a combination of digital and physical techniques to build an immersive experience charting the area’s occupation through to modern day Singapore. 

The exhibition is curated in a series of zones framed as ‘acts’, with MET’s digital and physical concepts playing strongly to the strengths of overall creative director Beatrice Chia and her background in theatrical and event design. 

The Singapore exhibition is split into five acts – MET Studio wanted to tell the story in a non-conventional, immersive way – using new and old theatrical techniques such as digital and live rain, layering, 3D sound and film

‘From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience’ is a free exhibition and has just been extended to run until January 2020, at Fort Canning Centre, Singapore.

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