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Exhibitor Insurance Program launches Stateside

by Paul Colston

Insurer InEvexco has joined forces with US-based event professionals, BUA Insurance, to offer a new Exhibitor Insurance Program in the US.

InEvexco and BUA have also partnered with SISO, the Society of Independent Show Organisers, in time for SISO CEO Summit (24-27 March) in Miami, Florida.

The new Exhibitor Insurance Program’s benefits for exhibitors include:

  • Cancellation Expenses – US$20,000 – for reasons beyond their control, protection of expenses (airfare, hotel, booth fee, etc.)
  • Protection for property in transit and in booth – $20,000
  • General liability – $1,000,000

While, for event organiser the main benefit is avoiding having to say “No” to Exhibitor refunds for cancellation purposes for reasons outside of their control.

The Exhibitor Insurance Program has been extremely successful in the UK, with over 80,000 exhibitors having the opportunity to participate in the programme this year. London-based global recruitment and executive search consultancy, tfconnect Consulting Ltd has a long-standing association with InEvexco and has been successfully introducing this programme to organisers for several years via their Appointed Representative status.

“We work with InEvexco because of their huge levels of organiser and exhibitor support,” explained Trevor Foley, tfconnect Consulting Ltd’s MD. “Many of our own clients are using the Exhibitor Insurance Program to protect their businesses, and it has become a ‘value add’ and risk reducing standard in the UK events industry.”

InEvexco and BUA Insurance will be attending the Society of Independent Show Organisers (SISO) summit in Miami.

“We welcome the opportunity to provide SISO member companies with a valuable new exhibitor service they can offer their customers,” stated David Audrain, executive director of SISO. “This program has proven itself already in the UK and we look forward to making it available to organisers in the USA.”

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