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Eventbrite launches new marketing platform

by Olivia Powell

Global self-service ticketing service and experience technology platform Eventbrite has announced the launch of Eventbrite Boost, a marketing platform designed for event organisers.

According to a recent survey Eventbrite commissioned with YouGov in the UK, the majority (55%) of respondents attending events said they typically find out about them on social media. Eventbrite Boost aims to help event creators market their experiences, reach new audiences and grow their attendees.

Eventbrite Boost provides tools that aim to help event creators to increase their following on social networks, create branded emails and marketing materials, promote their events on social media, track ticket sales, and optimise and automate their advertising, all directly on Eventbrite.

According to surveys of Eventbrite creators, 84% said they’re interested in growing their events business, yet more than half (52%) reported that they didn’t know what in their marketing campaign was working. Eventbrite Boost aims to help creators make informed marketing decisions to grow their businesses. Real-time dashboards deliver personalised recommendations on which marketing campaigns to run based on when people are most likely to buy tickets, and also provide insight into how their campaigns are performing. A budget optimiser also ensures that advertising funds are automatically reallocated to the best performing channels.

Tamara Mendelsohn, chief marketing officer at Eventbrite, said: “We know event creators are eager to market their events, reach new audiences and increase attendance, especially as they relaunch their in-person event businesses.

“There are many different marketing tools available, but none are built specifically to promote events, and it can be intimidating to try to figure out which to use and how to use them. We created Eventbrite Boost to reduce complexity and help event creators save time and money by automating their marketing campaigns, so they can grow their audiences while focusing on producing and hosting experiences that bring their communities together.”

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