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ESSA launches second-wave of social media campaigning

by Saul Leese

The Event Suppliers and Services Associations (ESSA) has launched a second Twitter campaign, today 19 May, this time, to draw the media’s attention to the plight of the suppliers and services across the exhibition industry.

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, explained that it is vital that the voices of suppliers and services are heard at the highest levels media and the government.

Harrison said: “We want to continue to whip up a storm, and create a fast-trending topic on twitter to raise awareness and prompt a media response, and subsequently get the government to acknowledge the importance of the event industry and urgently deliver on our key requests.”

Here’s how you can take part:


@BBCSimonJack @ITVJoel @heliaebrahimi @EdConwaySky @lewis_goodall @BenChu_
@b_c_chapman @PippaCrerar @ruthiesun @_fionawalsh An industry worth
£70bn+ employs 600k+ responsible for developing, enriching & uniting, that supports so many and now needs your support


@RishiSunak @BorisJohnson @HuddlestonNige, @BBCSimonJack
@ITVJoel @heliaebrahimi @EdConwaySky @lewis_goodall @BenChu_ @b_c_chapman @PippaCrerar @ruthiesun @_fionawalsh We are an industry that supports so many, we now need your support #WeAreEvents



@BBCSimonJack @ITVJoel @heliaebrahimi @EdConwaySky
@lewis_goodall @BenChu_ @b_c_chapman @PippaCrerar
@ruthiesun @_fionawalsh #WeAreEvents


@BBCSimonJack @ITVJoel @heliaebrahimi @EdConwaySky
@lewis_goodall @BenChu_ @b_c_chapman @PippaCrerar
@ruthiesun @_fionawalsh our continuing position, recognition and support for our industry that supports so many – https://www.essa.uk.com/covidsupport

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