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EF Infection Control sanitises 12th major tradeshow

by Joe Gallop

EF Infection Control, a part of the EF Group, said it has now sanitised 12 UK tradeshows, including large-scale events such as Manchester’s recent KitPlus.

With the recent concentration of attention into removing airborne droplets and aerosols from enclosed spaces to help safeguard against Covid infection, as opposed to simply cleaning surfaces, EF Infection Control said its Sanitise 360 technology is gaining increasing attention.

Sanitise 360 solution is designed to deliver a safe, non-toxic atomised mist that kills 99.99% of Coronavirus pathogens and bacteria. Delivered as a dry spray, unlike fogging systems it is completely safe to use around electronic equipment and has been engineered to leave no chemical residue behind in any of its applications.

EN Infection Control said this makes it an ideal solution for providing overnight sanitisation for large public areas, including stands, at tradeshows. With increased public and legislative nervousness surrounding the transmissibility of new variants, being able to reassure attendees that their safety remains the number one priority is an important criteria to help maintain footfall as the tradeshow calendar resumes.

For the KitPlus Show, which took place at MediaCityUK in Manchester in July, such measures were used.

Simon Tillyer, MD of KitPlus. said:  “Alongside everything you would expect at an event right now such as temperature checks, hand sanitiser stations, and so on, we decided to use the services of EF Infection Control to deploy its Sanatise 360 solution. After exhibitors had set up the day before the show EF came in and sprayed every booth and venue space with the solution, which leaves no chemical residue behind and amazingly seems to land dry on anything it touches, a crucial factor for the delicate video equipment on show.

“As the first industry sector event to take place in the UK in 2021 the feedback was excellent with the overriding comment being that people felt safe and confident that everything had been done to provide the best possible environment. Three weeks on there have been no reported cases of Covid infection following the event and we feel the added weapon of the EF Infection Control solution played an important part in this outcome.”

Neil Goatcher, EF Group CEO, said: “Sanitise 360 is designed to tackle all three modes of Covid transmission: contact, droplet, and airborne.

 “We are delighted to have completed our twelfth UK show and are looking forward to expansion internationally with plenty more interest from large scale events and others that are set to take place over the autumn months amidst increasing concern about continued waves of infection.”

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