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EF Infection Control introduces Sanitise 360

by Olivia Powell

EF Infection Control, a part of the EF Group, has announced the availability of a new solution that aims to help ensure the safety of attendees at tradeshows and other indoor events as industries worldwide move towards post-lockdown operation.

EF developed Sanitise 360 through a partnership with infection and virus control specialists Aeret UK. Sanitise 360’s technology delivers a non-toxic atomised mist that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that are airborne as well as on surfaces including; Hepatitis, Covid-19, CoV2, SARS, MRSA plus fungi and mould that are associated with a variety of infections and allergies. Unlike other fogging systems, it is completely safe to use around electronic equipment and has been engineered to leave no chemical residue behind in any of its applications.

Undisturbed surfaces can remain protected for anything up to 60 hours. After using Sanitise 360, areas are protected and ready to use after 30 minutes.

Neil Goatcher, EF Group CEO, said: “An atomised mist produces much smaller particles than fogging machines, meaning that it is effectively dry by the time it settles, not only destroying 99.99% of airborne viruses and bacteria but providing the same level of protection to surfaces as well.

“Tradeshows are already doing their utmost best to provide Covid-secure environments, but we feel Sanitise 360 will be an important additional weapon in their battle to reassure attendees that safety is at the head of the priority list.”

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