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Digitally fresh thinking

by Saul Leese

The University of Westminster event management students are looking for opportunities across the event industry after graduation. The digitally savvy BA Hons Tourism and Events Management students are looking for opportunities to apply their knowledge and the experience they have gained during their studies.

A spokesman for the university said: “Whether you had planned to take on an intern previously, or are dealing with new challenges that could benefit from a unique skill set, consider taking on one of our students. As true digital natives, they are at home working online, across social media, and on other digital platforms. They have gained first-hand experience on communicating and collaborating remotely and are keen to use their experiences and skills to get their careers started.”

The students are trained to help with:

  • Support on social media and other forms of outbound communications to keep your clients and audiences engaged
  • Help design and implement digital communication and engagement strategies for your team
  • Assist with numerous project-related tasks including scoping, data collection, analysis, documentation, and more
  • Create online presentations and proposals through PowerPoint or other platforms
  • Tackle general administration and logistics tasks such as online speaker management, language translations in many languages and more.

If you would like to be introduced to Westminster students, please fill out the Digital Internship information form below:



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