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Pure Events CEO Charlotte Gentry asks ‘is event content the new essential commodity in the events industry?’

According to most people I speak to in the  agency world, content is where it’s at now when it comes to adding value in the events sector. So much so, that I was recently in a meeting with the owner of a larger agency, who asked me rather impertinently ‘so if your main specialism is logistics, where is the value in that?’ My response was that our clients are looking for creativity and uniqueness in event design, and immaculate delivery onsite which illustrates the immense value to them, when they don’t have the resource or ability to do this themselves. He still looked quizzically at me in a rather arrogant manner.

We have recognised, as a leading agency in the events sector, that offering clients content creation as part of the integrated agency offering is now essential. Why? Because most companies internally don’t know how to actually transmit their essential messaging to their fragile audiences. The days of death by PowerPoint are truly over. Jeff Bezos has in fact taken this to another level by giving his audience the content to read in silence at the beginning of his conferences, and then uses the rest of the time discussing the issues and engaging his audiences with interactive content.

If you are an agency which is aiming to break the mould and live in a forward-thinking world, then engaging and interactive content is where it’s at, and there is no escaping this. Only agencies, in house event planners and exhibition planners who adapt their attitudes to be more strategic in their approach will really survive. The competition is so strong now, and with an increasing push to move everything in a virtual direction, the need for elevated engagement and interactive content is greater than ever.

So how do we adapt our thinking? Well, more than anything we need to really consider who our audience is and what their expectations are. What are the challenges that the industry/company is facing which need to be addressed at the event? Then we need to build the right content around these factors.

Therefore, if you are a creative content producer, you are a hot commodity right now! At Pure Events, we are in the process of diversifying as we need to ensure we are at the forefront of the future and our clients are increasingly in need of guidance in this area. 

Certainly for us, the financial and professional services sector is very conservative and doesn’t respond to change willingly so it is an educational process for us to try to show them where the future is heading.

My final thoughts are that in the scary world of social media, content creation is everything and I was recently told that if you aren’t advertising on Facebook, you basically won’t have a business in the future…what a terrifying thought. Gary Vee who preaches about this topic incessantly believes that if you aren’t pushing out content on social media every day of the week about your industry or your business, you are falling behind. However, this has spurred me on to build greater video content for social media and my business, as well as interesting articles about the sector which I hope my industry peers find informative.

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