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Confex Sales Theatre: How to Be a Dynamic Presenter

by Joe Gallop

Gareth Davies, MD at The Presenter Studio, has worked in the media industry for over 20 years with TV presenters such as Claudia Winkleman, Zoe Ball, Tess Daly, Rylan and Graham Norton. He now works with brands and businesses on how to be successful presenters.

Davies’ session at the Sales Excellence Theatre focused on how to deliver a dynamic presentation and how to write great copy.

“Being real and being yourself is the most important trait to being a good presenter,” said Davies after asking the audience. “Don’t ever think about yourself as a presenter, think about yourselves as a personality,” he added.  

Davies explored the process of finding a personal brand when it comes to presenting, which he said is a “producing up” exercise. When choosing a presenter, Davies said they should have traits that make them more relatable.  

“You want presentations to be relatable and be a conversation,” he said. “3-dimensional personal brands are the best ones.”

“Make sure your personal branding is fit for purpose and that it fits with the brand of your business.”

Davies used Richard Branson as an example of a good 3-dimensional personal brand, who represents Virgin as a business, which he said is “Innovative, fun and British”.

Davies also said to think about the audience and the purpose of the presentation. He shared other tips such as playing with pace, pauses and emphasis, using killer stats to pull people in, and asking the audience a no-brainer question.

“You are born unique, so don’t die a copy,” he concluded.

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