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Bringing back the buzz

by EN

Jack Newey, portfolio director, International Confex, says the exhibition industry’s winning mentality is a key driver in its success. 

As I write this blog, dark clouds loom outside my office window – summer is over, it appears. Doom and gloom aside, it does give me a chance to sit back and reflect on what has been the busiest summer event period I’ve experienced in this industry.

Understandably, with the number of events pushed back in schedules over the past two years, at some point, the build-up would eventually run its course. Typically, summer is quiet in the world of events, awards and exhibitions, with the focus shifting to the outdoor and live events market. But this year has been the exception.

You know what? Well done us. I don’t think we take enough time to revel in the fantastic achievements and the unforgettable experiences we put on for clients, or the connections we forge through our events and exhibitions.

Which brings me on to the main focus of this blog, which is the winning mentality of the exhibition industry.

For the win

Award ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to recognise the diverse talent within our sector.

They help set new standards and breaking them year on year is a key part of growth. Award ceremonies are the focal point to bring these standards forward to the industry.

We recently held the EN Supplier Awards at AFC Wimbledon’s new ground and should you flick through the September edition of Exhibition News, you’ll find a photo gallery to see all of our happy winners.

One thing I truly love about the exhibition sector is that winning mentality. Exhibition organisers are never happy to settle, they want to grow their shows, expand their portfolios, take events overseas and explore new markets.

It’s this pioneering spirit and that is the driver to constantly want more, be better and connect more people through exhibitions. It’s why the Exhibition News Awards is such a well-attended and successful event for all involved, everybody there just loves winning.

With many people now returning to the office, whether it be full-time or flexible working, one thing I think will be back before you know it, is that winning mentality within our own companies.

The lockdown period may have hurt team morale, but it showed our resilience and strength more than ever before.

But now is the time for us to push further, drive forward that buzz, be better, explore and connect with each other. Reach out to clients, pick up the phone for new business, and win.

We are planning to incorporate our CN and EN 30UnderThirty award ceremonies at International Confex (1-2 March 2022), what better place to be awarded for your winning mentality than at the exhibition where the industry meets.

Although summer is now over, the exhibition industry buzz isn’t. Let’s keep pushing forward with our winning mentality.

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