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Back to live, back to reality

by Joe Gallop

Ryan Treloar, CEO of Inspired Motive, tells EN about the journey back to live

Inspired Motive is a fast-growing event organiser founded in August 2020 by CEO Ryan Treloar and founder and director Matt Williams, both formerly of Prysm Group. After two virtual shows during the pandemic, the company is now shifting its focus to live events and has several shows lined up at ExCeL London next month.

What is your background in events?

I started my career in events at Prysm back in 2016 and quickly moved to an event director position. From there I launched and ran the B2B Marketing Expo for three years, I was then tasked with running The Great British Business Show which ran every six months. I was an integral part of the launch of the B2B marketing expo in the USA as well, spending time in Las Vegas helping launch the US office.

Why was Inspire Motive launched?

Inspired Motive was launched to cater for exhibitions during the pandemic and we aimed to run a completely virtual-based event company.

From our experience and watching the market closely, it was inevitable that we would run live events at London ExCeL as soon as we physically could.

Why did you set up Inspired Motive during the pandemic; was it already in the pipeline?

Inspired Motive was born out of a situation we were put in, rather than being a planned project, but I always envisaged running my own company at some point. We worked for a large exhibition organiser in the UK and ran some of the largest events in the UK market at that time. Due to Covid, and with our industry taking such a huge hit, it seemed like a great opportunity to hit the reset button and start the company.

Which shows have you run so far; how successful were they?

We have run two virtual events called the ‘Business Revival Series’, the first event was back in November 2020 and the second event was in June 2021. We had just over 1,000 attendees to the first event and 1,500 to the second event in June. It was a great success but nowhere near that of a live event, in which the level of business activity is much, much greater.

Which shows do you have planned at the ExCeL in March?

In March we will be running the Business Revival Series as a live event for the first time. The series comprises three shows under one roof. The Business Revival Conference which caters to the SME market with generalised business services being exhibited and has amazing speakers such as Brad Burton keynoting.

In addition to this, we are launching the ‘Remote Working Expo’ which has taken off with the UK market and we have had to extend the exhibition floor space twice already, doubling it in size.

Lastly, we have the ‘Corporate Wellbeing Expo’ which caters to businesses’ needs for staff wellbeing, personnel and development and employee benefits. We feel the two adjoining shows will really help to address the problems the pandemic has thrown at businesses across the globe.

The three shows are well-positioned to address all the problems presented to businesses by the pandemic. With the way that the working landscape has changed over the last 18 months, we are excited to see the new trends and products that have developed, and to hear the topics being covered by our keynote speakers from Network Central, Starling Bank, ACAS, Investors in People, Fujitsu, NHS and Microsoft among many others.

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