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ASP launches million trees reforestation campaign

by Louisa Daley

Event website specialist ASP has launched its million tree campaign – an initiative that it hopes will see businesses across the events industry working together to plant one million trees, in a bid to help slow down global warming.

The campaign, driven by ASP’s CEO Arran Coole, hopes to see event companies helping to offset the industry’s environmental impact by working with charities to reforest the space of over 2000 acres – an area bigger the size of Gibraltar.

So far this summer, ASP has had 5,000 trees planted across Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Kenya through www.trilliontrees.org and has a target of planting 50,000 within two years.

In order to measure how many trees the industry has planted, in the coming weeks ASP will be launching a page on its website that will show the amount of trees seeded by each company and how many trees to go to reach its one million target.

Coole said: “It’s easier for all of us to wait for someone else to do it – another industry to take the lead. Together there is no other industry stronger and more passionate than ours, so it is important that all stand up and work to be a far greener industry – what better way to drive this than collectively planting a million trees?”

Every time ASP build a new website for a customer or have a contract renewed, the company plants trees as a way of a thank you for the business and to offset its carbon footprint.

Coole said: “We have even decided to plant trees for every invoice that is paid on time. It’s a win-win for us and for the customer too, who just by paying on time will help fight global warming. There are around 500 trees per acre, so if we plant 50,000 trees, that would be 100 acres – enough to cover the entire land that ExCeL sits on.

“The million tree tracker page will allow companies to register how many trees they contributed to the cause. It will be up soon – watch this space – but in the meantime, no matter if you are an exhibition organiser, a venue, supplier or an association – lets start working together and do our bit to plant one million trees and help fight against global warming.”

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