Support Line to be replaced with Support Circle

Stress Matters has announced that its Support Line will be closing on 1 September.

Set-up in April, initially for 3 months, the Support Line has been helping those across the events industry who wanted advice and guidance around their mental health.  At its peak, the line was receiving up to 18 contacts a day, this has now reduced to around 10 per week and the vast majority of contact in the previous month has been regarding redundancies.

Laura Capell-Abra, Founder of Stress Matters said: “I am so thankful for the support of our amazing volunteers over the last 5 months who have made the line possible.  I am proud that we have been able to help individuals when they’ve been trying to process what they’re experiencing at the moment and it feels like the perfect time to move into our next phase of support.  We have always been clear that we want the industry to look after each other and build it into the cultural thread of this industry, this will be a major step in the right direction.”

The Support Line is being replaced with Support Circles in conjunction with James Hitchen of I Am James… and Sam Wilson of Syntiro Associates.  The Support Circle aims to “create a space each where people can join together, share, listen and support each other”.  It will be free and entirely confidential, with anonymous calling encouraged.

Hitchen said: “No-one should feel alone, the Support Circles will create that space needed for people to find comfort in those around them.  I’ve had experience of how tough this industry can be on your mental health and I’ve also had experience of how having a support network can be an actual life saver.”

From 2 September at 8:30pm, each Wednesday evening a group of volunteers will host a Zoom call for anyone to join, with no registration required.

The only requirement is that people to agree to follow the Circle guidelines:

  • We are here confidentially
  • We are here to share our experiences
  • We are here to listen to each other
  • We are here to support each other without judgement
  • We are here to help each other find solutions
  • We are here to support ourselves
  • We are here to create a circle of support

Wilson said: “We are keen to hold a space where everyone feels safe and now feels the right time to do this.  It isn’t just for those that have been affected by redundancy, it is open to all, business owners and employees.  It’s our open house.”

The Support Circle can be accessed on a Wednesday evening at 8:30pm via Zoom. The meeting ID is 82595995950, and the password is 455098.

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