MCI employees dedicated over 7,800 hours to community projects in 2018

Event, association and congress management company MCI has presented its 2018 Digital Sustainability Report, scaling up the integration of sustainability.

In 2018, MCI employees spent 7,800+ hours (over 975 workdays) giving back to the community or offering their time for pro-bono consulting services on charity events as well as supporting 72 community projects.

The company raised over €1.8m for charity in 2018, and offset its unavoidable carbon emission and continued its partnership with Cool Earth. As a result, 9,600 trees were protected and 10,400 tonnes of CO2 locked-in.

Through the three pillars at the core of the company’s business, People, Planet, Profit, MCI is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company’s desire is to encourage an active culture of care and responsibility, backed up by concrete actions.

The MCI team originates from over 60 countries and speaks over 60 languages. This diversity fosters an international mindset and understanding of society that enhances innovation and ability to work cross-culturally to accompany MCI’s clients into new markets.

In 2018, talent satisfaction with the work environment and culture at MCI was 7.67/10. 1,200+ talents, clients, suppliers and industry peers were trained in sustainability. 1,400+ hours of total training were received in health and safety.

Celebrating the launch of the report, Sebastien Tondeur, MCI chief executive officer, commented: “The change of leadership in our Global Sustainability team was the opportunity to take stock and fine-tune our strategy. Over the years, we have implemented good office operations practices, we are offsetting our unavoidable carbon emissions and have strengthened our safety and security processes.

“I also want to recognise our talents amazing contribution with pro-bono and volunteer work for causes they hold high in their hearts.”

The report showcases MCI’s commitments to make a difference and create a more inclusive society:

  • Clients & Events: Commitment to making sustainability a core part of MCI client value proposition.
  • Community and Giving Back: Commitment to working together to build a vibrant culture of responsibility and care that generates value for the communities where MCI works.
  • Safety and Security: Commitment to the safety and security of MCI talents, clients and event attendees.
  • People and Culture: Commitment to the development and wellbeing of each individual at MCI.
  • Supply Chain Management & Procurement: Commitment to keeping on engaging and collaborating with MCI partners and suppliers to drive positive change.
  • Office Operations: Commitment to integrating principles of sustainability consistently into the daily work of MCI teams and operations. With quality as a quest, we constantly evolve and innovate – pushing the boundaries of our systems and procedures.
  • Industry Collaboration: Commitment to collaborating with the event industry to accelerate sustainability best practices.
  • Ethics: Commitment to building an ethical business culture, ensuring MCI conducts its business with honesty and integrity.

The report can be found at

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