Gallowglass announces client app update

Gallowglass Crewing app

Gallowglass Crewing has announced the release of Phase 2 of its client app. The extended version is designed to enhance efficiency and improve communication between clients and crews. The company launched the app in March this year.

The pre-existing features, such as crew contact numbers, timings, meeting places and information on upcoming events, have been joined by a feature showing the profile pictures of all the individuals assigned to a given job.

Jon Sigsworth, managing director of Gallowglass Crewing, said: “Clients appreciate being able to put a face to the name of each person working for them, but we’ve taken it up a notch. They can now rate individual as well as team performance via the app. This means that crew with experience of a specific venue and/or who were previously rated highly can be identified and selected for subsequent jobs. One client has already described it as the TripAdvisor of the events industry”.

The app also features Gallowglass’ venue wiki, a searchable database of over 18,000 locations known by the company, with a growing amount of information on aspects of each venue, such as access and new-to-know characteristics.

Sigsworth explained: “As well as details like the precise location of a loading bay, we’ve identified rooms that are noisy and pose the risk of disturbing neighbouring conference sessions; or venues that have precious carpets that nothing can be dragged across. This is not the kind of detail you’d find on a venue’s website, but it’s invaluable to us in ensuring a quick and efficient load-in.”


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