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Alivex will run as soon as lockdown is lifted

by Martin Fullard

Alivex, a one-day exhibition which uses hotel rooms as exhibition stands, has been postponed. The unique event was scheduled for 26 January 2021 but has to be pushed back on account of the national lockdown.

However, organisers at Mash Media are keen to stress that the event will demonstrate the same agility as the events industry and will run as soon as it is legally allowed with short notice turnaround, as little as two weeks.

London will need to enter Tier 2 to make the not-for-profit event permissible, which allows for up to 1,000 people to gather at business events in a Covid-secure environment.

With the UK’s mass vaccination programme underway, organisers are confident we won’t we be waiting too long.

Three-hundred invited guests are expected, with 50 exhibitors from the events industry already signed up.

Mash Media’s managing director, Julian Agostini, said that it is important to show agility and to turn around quickly, as Government announcements equally do not give much notice. “The Government won’t be giving us much time to get ready,” he said. “The pattern so far has seen multiple last-minute announcements. While this is frustrating for the industry at large, we are not going to let this delay our plans more than it has to. The moment we find out London returns to Tier 2, we will mobilise and get this unique event underway. We can turn it around quickly, in under two weeks.

“The industry can’t just stand around and wait to die, and we are champing at the bit to connect event organisers and suppliers so we can lead the UK’s economic recovery. The industry doesn’t get the credit it is due, in terms of the growth opportunities it provides for all sectors, but we will provide the platform for that first step.”

Those interested in attending or taking part as a venue or supplier please contact the A-Livex team on 020 8481 1122 or email at alivexinfo@mashmedia.net. To find out more about the event, visit https://alivex.co.uk/.

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