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EN Awards: 6 reasons why you should enter the Diversity and Inclusion Award

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The subject of diversity and inclusion reached the top of the agenda during the pandemic in both a social and business sense.

There is a growing enthusiasm among the exhibitions and wider events industry to embrace diversity and to better reflect the UK’s representation. As such, some exhibition businesses and those which service them are now implementing Diversity and Inclusion strategies, and it’s time to share this progress with the wider industry.

Here are six reasons why you should enter your business into the EN Awards’ new Diversity and Inclusion Award?

  1. It will inspire others

Some businesses may not know where to start when it comes to implementing a Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Your entry will provide others with a platform from which to launch their own.

  1. It will show you are forward-thinking

Pioneers are the ones who make a difference and effect long-lasting change. More and more businesses will be looking closely at who they choose to partner – or exhibit – with. Entering your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy will demonstrate you are a forward-thinking company.

  1. The industry must embrace diversity

The exhibitions industry must embrace diversity, and now is the time to do it. Celebrate your staff and events and share with others how they can follow suit.

  1. It will change the way we think about events

What’s the point in having a mind if you can’t change it? Embracing diversity of ethnicity, physical abilities, age, and gender will encourage the industry to think differently when it comes to event design.

  1. A greater depth of talent

By implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, you are demonstrating that you are working towards – or already have – a workforce that is a stronger representation of society. Your business will thus have access to a wider range of talent and new ideas through creativity and innovation.

  1. Expanding your market

The more diverse your business is, the wider range of views and insights you will gain about society and your marketplace. A team made up of people from different backgrounds can help promote better understanding between your business. It will help you understand a wider demographic of customer in your chosen marketplace.

The deadline for the EN Awards 2022 is 4 February. Enter now!

Enter the EN Awards here.

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