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2019 Exhibition World/UFI GED Award winners announced!

by Paul Colston

The winners of this year’s Global Exhibitions Day (GED) Awards have been decided by a panel of senior staff from UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, based on entries registered via the GED Online Reporting Tool. The full list of winners is below.


  1. Talent Promotion Award

Winner = Accademia Fiera Milano (Italy)

Accademia produced an online campaign to show the community that many young talents are passionate about exhibitions and want to be part of the industry, engaging in particular with the Millennial and Gen Z audience by communicating on Instagram with GIFs and stories.

Activities included pictures and messages from students, pictures of students with the #GED19 sign during their main activities, GIFs of students with the #GED19 sign, a video with works of art made by the students entitled ‘What are exhibitions?’, and an always-growing Global Exhibitions Day tag cloud.



  1. Highest Profile Online Activity Award

Winner = IELA (Switzerland)

IELA launched four initiatives with a special focus on promoting career opportunities in the exhibition industry. The first is the Event Logistics Horizon Project, a campaign for active data collection that demonstrates how data sharing and teamwork works towards one common goal. The Event Logistics Horizon project begins the 2020 IELA data room survey. The second is their Voices of the Exhibition Industry initiative that accentuates the job opportunities within the exhibition industry. The third initiative is an Instagram Voices of the Exhibition Industry Logistics Panel, sharing the experiences of people working in events along with pictures of onsite teams. The fourth initiative is Career Opportunities in the Exhibition Logistics Industry where IELA staff members explain why they recommend a career in the exhibitions industry.


  1. Biggest Scale Physical Activity Award

Winner = IEIA (India)

IEIA initiated a campaign to celebrate GED19 with the involvement of its members across the country. #GED19-branded T-shirts and caps were sent to all member organisations and celebrations were held across 200 member offices in India, with the combined involvement of more than 4,000 exhibition industry individuals.

Joint celebrations were also held in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Jaipur at venue members and public locations with the involvement of industry stakeholders along with meaningful activities, and a special webinar for exhibition industry professionals as a talent promotion initiative. GED19 Awards were organised to promote and motivate the members for proactive promotion of the industry and IEIA representatives met government officials to advocate the support and development of the exhibitions sector.


  1. Most Creative Activity Award

Winner = Belgrade Fair (Serbia)

Belgrade Fair printed an exclusive and limited postage stamp in order to commemorate GED19.  The stamp was designed by the Post of Serbia with the GED19 logo incorporated. They also designed a special GED19 post card.

On 5 June, the Fair opened the Design Exhibition by students of the Belgrade University, Faculty of Architecture. The main topic was Affordable city – an integral design of urban regeneration of the Belgrade Fair ambient environment.

Great numbers of dignitaries from both the public and private sectors, academic community, City of Belgrade and Chamber of commerce participated.


  1. Industry Impact Award

Winner = Zagreb Fair Ltd. (Croatia)

Initiative = International conference: Exhibition Industry – disruptor or disruptee?

Zagreb Fair organised this international conference on the 110th anniversary of the Zagreb Fair. The goals of the conference included revealing the impact of tradefairs and events in the new business reality of interconnected economies and exploiting the potential of the exhibition industry as an export, investment and communication platform in the real and virtual arena, and sharing new knowledge and insights into the industry transformation in the era of digitalization

During the conference, the Mayor of Zagreb publicly gave his backing for the Fair to build a new multi-purpose exhibition and congress facility on the property, and the Fair is seeking support from the government and authorities to back this investment.

The Global Exhibitions Day Awards (#GEDawards) is presented by Exhibition World and UFI, and gives recognition to the efforts surrounding the recent GED19, 5 June 2019. We congratulate all winners and everyone who helped raise #GED onto a new level this year.

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