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16 top tips to improve your Linkedin profile

by Gordon Glenister

Influencer marketing expert and Meetings and Events Support Association co-founder Gordon Glenister shares his top tips on how to improve your Linkedin profile

Linkedin is a monster and nowadays social media is not just a nice to have it should be an essential part of your marketing and personal brand profile.   Many people will make an informed judgement of you and your company by your online presence so I have put together a few tips for you to improve your profile.

  1. Photo

Make sure your photo is the very best professional photo of you, maybe smiling and engaging – would someone buy from me?  Not sure about what people think of you then try this website called www.photofeeler.com which allows your photos to be rated by anonymous people. Its quite fascinating to see how different photos are scored for likability and influence. Make sure the profile picture setting is on for public, you don’t want to have a public profile without the image showing. It looks poor.


  1. Video

If you download the app, you can create a 10 second introduction video – this allows viewers to hear and watch you and helps bring your personality to life.

  1. Banner

This is very important to have a well designed image banner so people can clearly see what you do and a call to action of some sort, like Join something or a website link – it could also be a strap-line

  1. Your name

You can see from my profile that I am not just Gordon Glenister but  Gordon Glenister – influencer marketing- membership speaker, this is a subtle way of  “reminding your audience what you want to be known for “ so when you are posting on other peoples posts or when you are tagged, your mini descriptor comes up.  You want to be known for something ideally in 3 words. Think what that could be ? One additional area you might like to consider is adding your profile available in different languages particularly relevant if you have a global client base. You will find this under Edit your custom URL

  1. The headline

Really think carefully about this, have a look at others in your field before concluding. What value do you bring to people and what roles do you have. Underneath the headline you can use upto 5 hashtags – Talks about #influencermarketing

  1. Services provide

You have a maximum list of 10 to choose from, make sure you use them these are all great ways of how you will be discovered better.

  1. Open to work

You can decide if you want to have some roles here for example mine is Chief Executive, Strategy consultant, so it might be that I am approached for a contract or a part time role, which may suit me at the time.  This is important given how many companies use Linkedin as a recruitment vehicle.

  1. Measure your analytics

Remember what gets measured gets managed. If you are measuring your connection growth and seeing how many people have looked at your pro-file or viewed your posts, and how many times you have appeared in the search results this will help you gain better search results. If you qualify for the Creator icon, do switch it on as this will al-low you to be discovered more widely

  1. Featured media

Do add links, podcasts, articles you have written in this section as this allows you to showcase what you have done and adds credibility to persona

  1. About us

This is really important area to focus on and gives you a lot of space to remind the viewer what you do and HOW you help people Don’t write long sentences but show bullet points. I use the green ticks to show the services I offer for my target audience.

  1. Experience

Always show logos of the companies you have worked for it makes it more professional.  Also do add exactly what you did when you worked for those organisations, maybe include some of your successes. Past behaviour could be helpful to those looking to work with you. Are there some temporary roles you have done like a councillor, a sports trainer in your personal life, a columnist, panellist that you could add for example.  I am a paid university lecturer for example even though I don’t do it much its worth adding on a profile.

  1. Education

My advice is only put your most recent up, like a university or college, unless you are working in the academic sector

  1. Certifications and Memberships

Do as many as are relevant for you. This adds credibility to your value as a specialist in your niche and the communities you belong to

  1. Volunteering

This is an increasingly relevant area to show what your interests are and what projects you have been involved in.

  1. Recommendations – testimonials

Give testimonials to people you have worked with, they will often want to reciprocate. Not only is this great content that you can use on other platforms like website but it also allows people to give you some positive feedback on their experiences with you.

  1. Honors and Awards

This is a section that should be allocated for the most relevant and recent awards and certainly worth showing.


If you want to see my Linkedin profile, I’m happy to help any EN readers with their profile


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